Heavy and bespoke fabrications

Heavy and bespoke fabrication is really where we can showcase our engineering skills. This is our bread and butter.

We specialise at manufacturing of bespoke structures that involve

  • High fabrication accuracy,
  • Extensive welding of thick components
  • Machined interfaces
  • Full traceability of materials and operations
  • Demanding surface treatment specification
  • Very stringent documentation.

Delivered Projects

  • Heavy support structures for subsea and offshore applications
  • Heavy support grillages for offshore transport
  • Transport containers, skids and baskets manufactured to DNV 2.7-1 &¬†DNV 2.7-3
  • Subsea pressure vessels
  • Heavy lifting equipment

Quality Control

We utilise a combination of innovative quality control technologies to ensure that the maximum quality of the service we provide is maintained, throughout all the manufacturing stages.

These technologies include:

  • Automatic weld logging system that allows welders to log in finished welds. These welds are then automatically logged on to our server. This system can be configured to give the customer a real time tracking of the welding progress.
  • Welder qualification NFC cards which ensure that all welder use the welding parameters that are covered by their qualifications.





We have worked with AJS for several years on various vessel mobilisations across the country. AJS have always provided a fast and flexible response to help ensure projects stay on time. Prior to work on site they provide professional documentation and drawings and on site teams have always delivered high quality work carried out safely.

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